Power cord Purchase Skills

April 30, 2020

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Power cord Purchase Skills


Although the power cord is small, the responsibility is heavy. It is not only directly related to the use effect and lifespan of household appliances, but also to the user's personal and property safety. Consumers must not take the power cord lightly when purchasing it. However, there are many types of power cord products on the market, and each electrical appliance has its own characteristics. If ordinary consumers cannot do anything about it, it is easy to pick them up. 


 The power cord should be purchased according to different household appliances. Different household appliances use different power cords. Generally speaking, the integrated plug cable for lighting, radio and television should be selected in line with the national regulations CCC or other national safety certification, such as the cross-sectional area should be within the range of 0.75-1.0 mm2; rice cookers, The power cords of air conditioners, ventilators, electric fans, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. should use the RVZ-70 three-core sheathed wire, and its cross-sectional area should be 0.75-1.5mm2; electric iron, 100W For left and right soldering electric ferrochrome, hand electric drills and other highly mobile electrical appliances and mobile sockets with heat sources or electric sparks, it is advisable to use RHF wire, and its cross-sectional area should be 0.75—1.0 mm2. When decorating the house, the buried pipe hidden wire needs to use BV-70 PVC insulated copper core hard wire, and its cross-sectional area is about 1.0-2.0mm2 to ensure a long enough safe service life;

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