Enhance Happiness and Be a Warm Company

December 8, 2020

Latest company news about Enhance Happiness and Be a Warm Company

The survey found that: Investing in employee happiness = high-performance companies = high return on investment. Companies with high levels of happiness will inevitably bring benefits in four important dimensions: competitiveness, creativity, leadership, and sustainable development, and companies are less affected by the financial crisis and the overall environment. In a competitive environment, it can continue to maintain good performance.


Believe it? The happier employees are, the more successful the company will be. This is because your employees will be more creative, more innovative, and more dedicated to their work than the unhappy employees of other companies. Of course, they will also be more inclined to stay in this happy company for a long time. This is not a chicken soup for the soul, or talk on paper. The fact is that a series of studies and workplace reports have shown that there is indeed a close relationship between the happiness of workers and the profits of enterprises. For example, "Harvard Business Review" specifically quoted a research report that pointed out that a positive organizational environment has a great impact on employers, employees, and profitability. In particular, employees are always absent-minded, which in itself means that costs will increase significantly. The "Review" explained: "When employees feel that they are valuable, safe, supported and respected, they will naturally be willing to actively participate in the current work. Under the high-pressure and cruel corporate culture, the situation is Quite the opposite." The study further found that, compared with normal employees, t

hose absent-minded employees: -37%

higher possibility of absenteeism and sabotage -49%

higher probability of causing an accident -60%

more likely to make a mistake


What kind of company is a company with a sense of happiness? Wu Caifu, chairman of Ruibo, is well aware of the essence. He believes that a company with a sense of happiness must not only continue to develop, but also allow employees to fully share this development, and be the company’s Struggle together for a common future. Since its establishment, the company has always taken "being the most happy enterprise in the cable industry" as its vision, "taking responsibility for the society" as its mission, and is committed to building the company into an excellent company with a strong sense of social responsibility and creating happiness value for the society. The 23 years of East China Cable is a happy course of joint creation, development and sharing by the company and its employees. The company always adheres to the "people-oriented" development concept, regards talents as the company's first resource, and regards talents as the company's first capital for development. It has gathered a large number of outstanding Ruibo people with "sentiment, ability, responsibility, and bottom line".latest company news about Enhance Happiness and Be a Warm Company  0

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