November 30, 2021

Latest company news about DELTA  VS OMICRON

The Italian research team has released the world's first picture of the Omicron strain The world's research team at the Children's Hospital in Rome, Italy, released the world's first picture of the novel coronavirus strain Omicron on November 27.


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Comparison plot of spike protein mutations between the Delta and Omicron


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Peter Hortz, professor at Baylor Medical School of Medicine: We often lack mobility in virus gene sequencing, so I'm not surprised if new variants have spread to the United States. Where did the variant strain come from? Researchers are under research As the spread of the Omichijon variants expands, researchers are studying exactly where it comes from.Francois Balon, a professor of biology at University College London, England, said the Omicron variant carries an unusual mutation during a chronic infection of a hypoimmune case or from an untreated patient with AIDS. Additional experimental data are still required for the new variants risk assessment Where is the greater risk of the mutant strain Omichijunon than the Delta virus?Will it trigger a wider spread? The Omicron variant is spreading outside Africa and Africa at an alarming rate, according to Russian TV today. In South Africa, for example, 90% of recent new infections in Gauteng province have been linked to the variant.Many Western media believe that the Omicron variant is currently the most dangerous novel coronavirus variant in the world.




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